Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Workplace Bullying - Self Care Strategies

Are you currently being subjected to workplace bullying, or have you been subjected to it in the past?

Looking after yourself is essential!!  Here are some strategies which may help.

Draw on your support network
It's important that you utilise the support of family, friends and counsellors when faced with the stress of being a victim of bullying.
Sharing your experiences with friends and family will assist you to manage negative emotions and to draw on practical support.  

Utilise a Psychologist or Counsellor
Does your workplace have an EAP counselling service where you can access counselling free of charge?  (Your HR Representative or manager should have this information)
Alternatively, see your GP for a referral to a psychologist under Medicare to access six sessions of counselling).  
If you urgently need to talk, don't forget about Lifeline, a free, 24/7 counselling telephone service - 
13 11 14

Engage in regular exercise
Exercise is a fantastic buffer for stress.  A daily walk or trip to the gym is a healthy strategy to assist in reducing feelings of depression and anxiety.

Focus on self care
During times of stress, it's important to look after yourself.  Make time for pleasurable activities and hobbies outside of the workplace.  Engaging in meaningful, goal oriented behaviour will assist in boosting your confidence as well as in helping you to relax. 
Schedule pleasurable activities such as a hot bath or a massage.
Be mindful of the basics including following a healthy diet, eating regular meals and getting eight hours sleep per night.   

See your GP
Having trouble sleeping or experience physiological symptoms of anxiety?  Make sure you discuss this with your GP to find out about treatment options.

Practise Mindfulness 
Simple mindfulness techniques can assist you to unhook from ruminate negative thoughts and to becomes more in touch with the here and now.

Develop your Assertiveness Skills
Are you having trouble asserting yourself at work?  Learning how to express yourself assertively will help others to clearly understand the link between their behaviour and the effect it has on you.  A psychologist can assist you to develop your assertive communication skills.  

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