Friday, 3 January 2014

Back to Work Blues

Is anyone else feeling a bit down in the dumps about returning to work after the Christmas holidays.
I for one, sure am!!!
I have two blissful days of holidays left, but those awful anxious thoughts are starting to creep back brain is telling me to "avoid avoid avoid!!"  Even a sneaky peek at my emails this afternoon left me feeling in a bit of a spin.  

Here are some tips to help you avoid emailing in your resignation so you can sleep in on Monday!!

Reflect on the positive aspects of your role
It might seem bleak now, but what satisfaction does your job bring you?  What are the perks of your job?
What does being employed and having a wage enable you to do in your spare time?
What social benefits do you enjoy at work?  
Did your job allow you to have the holiday you just went on?  

Ease yourself back into the swing of things
Try and allow yourself a day or two to settle back in - return calls and emails, schedule appointments and meetings for the following week and to catch up on anything you're behind on.   Give yourself time to re-adjust -  I suggest that you have two cappuccinos on your first morning back - just to help the transition!!!  Push back non-essential meetings to later in the week if you can.  

Remember you can't change the past, but you can change the future!!
A holiday might have been a well deserved break from overdue reports and deadlines, but if they weren't completed before your break, they'll still be there, lingering!  Make time to catch up on anything that's overdue and confront your outstanding work head on - the more we avoid those dreaded tasks, the worst they will be!! You can't fix mistakes you made in December, but it's a new year!  Focus on ongoing good quality work.

Be mindful of healthy habits
Whilst you might feel a shock to the system when waking up at 6:30am on Monday, resist the urge to sleep in and grab a croissant or calorie laden takeaway breakfast on your way in.
Try and be prepared by starting the day with a healthy breakfast, and even try packing a healthy lunch the night before.
Diarise your exercise schedule for the week - it might be tough, but getting back on track with your usual exercise routine will help you to feel calmer and happier throughout the week.  Make sure you plan ahead by packing your gym clothes/yoga mat etc in the car, so you have no excuses not to get out there and exercise.  

Make your horrid workday more pleasant with small rituals that make you feel good!!
A nice coffee in the morning, scented hand cream on your desk, going for a walk on your lunch break, a new work outfit, some delicious leftovers packed for lunch.... a glass of wine catch up with your favourite co-worker-drone after work hours - whatever it is, try and pack as many small pleasures into your working day as possible!!

Good luck fellow worker drones!!  After all, it could be worse!!


  1. This is so helpful for my not so exciting first day back! Thanks Jemma :)

  2. Hi Stephanie, glad you liked the post!! There will be more coming about happiness at work in the coming weeks!! :)

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