Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Colour Therapy, buyer beware!

Whilst colour therapy is rife in pop culture, psychologists are skeptical...  I for one sure feel happy looking at this gorgeous Watermelon polish by Essie!

Still interested in the science of colour therapy??  click here!

Shopping Addiction - Part 3 - Practical Techniques to Curb Spending Addiction

Now that we've learned about how shopping addiction works, and what types of spending bring more satisfaction than others, here are some practical techniques you can implement to try and reduce the temptation to spend.  

Shopping Addiction - Part 2 - Learn to Spend More Wisely (and hopefully spend less!)

Money doesn't always buy happiness, so they say!  (Although, I wouldn't know, having not yet experienced the money part of the equation….).  Dunn, Aitkin and Norton (2008) posit that the way we spend our money may be at least as important as how much we earn.  

In a study by Dunn, Gilbert and Wilson (2011), the authors outlined several key concepts which underlie why spending doesn't always bring happiness and provided some key learnings to help us get more "value" from our money.

Shopping Addiction, a Modern Woman (or Man's) Downfall.

Welcome to part one of my three part series on shopping addiction.  With the holiday season just passed, I'm sure this article will be particularly relevant.
Whilst Christmas is  time for giving, for retailers, this means mass consumption for us poor buyers who are bombarded with more and more messages to buy buy buy!!
Advertising is everywhere, from targeted Facebook ads, online shopping newsletters, TV ads, billboards, magazines, blogs etc.  With so much influence, sometimes the urge to consume can be overwhelming, with some of us simply going too far!!

This three part series will kick off with an overview of shopping addiction and how it's treated, followed by strategies to gain more pleasure from spending (whilst hopefully spending less), followed by some techniques to kick your nasty VISA habit once and for all!!

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