Wednesday, 15 January 2014

The Art of Relaxing on Holiday

Does anyone else have trouble switching out of "work mode" when you go on holidays?

I have this problem!!  It took me a long time to switch off this Christmas.

How did I fix my problem?

1)  Go on an amazing holiday, here, at Paperbark Camp!

We canoed down a river, got visited by possums (who drank the leftover coffee in our empty coffee cups in the middle of the night and scared the hell out of us - one of the possums was particularly large!!) swam, rode bikes and more.
Sleeping out amongst nature was so amazing!!  Although, the noise of cicadas were so overwhelming loud!!  I easily would have stayed for longer though!!

2)  Swim with Australian Fur Seals!!

It's amazing how life suddenly gets put into perspective when you get away from work and enjoy yourself.  I always feel so much more connected with my values and motivated to achieve my dreams when I'm able to switch off and wind down!!
Who agrees!?  How did you wind down these holidays?

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