Monday, 6 January 2014

Small changes in your workplace can make you more productive!!

Feeling the afternoon slump?  A study by Muench (2012) examined two groups of workers - one group spent a six hours day working inside an environment with artificial lighting (Fluorescent lights) and the other group worked for six hours in an environment with natural light exposure.

Low and behold, the workers in the artificial light work environment displayed more dramatic feelings of sleepiness in the evening than the group in the natural light work environment.  Participants who worked in the natural light group also performed better than the artificial light group at a cognitive task in the evening.

Why the difference?  The fluorescent lights may possibly disturb our natural circadian rhythms.

Can you increase your exposure to natural light throughout the working day?  This is more reason than ever to take a lunchtime walk!!

Turn off those fluros and open those curtains!!

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