Saturday, 25 January 2014

Living in Green Spaces Improves Mental Health!!

Ever wondered why you feel happier when you're in nice surroundings?

A new study by Alcock, White, Wheeler, Fleming and Depledge (2014) examined the long term effects of living in green areas on mental health.

The study followed 1000 participants over five years.  Results showed that the participants who relocated to less green areas, showed significantly worse mental health in the year following the move!!  However, people who moved to greener areas felt an immediate improvement in mental health and those effects were sustained!!

Considering relocating?  Alcock et al, (2014) found that the positive mental health benefits of living in a greener space could be measured for up to three years!!

Are you like me and live in an apartment in the inner city?  More reason than ever to get out in the sunshine for a daily walk!!

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