Monday, 31 March 2014

Monday bloody Monday!! How to craft a more pleasant working week

Does Sunday night come around with waves of anxiety, followed by a sleepless night, dreading the beginning of another horrid working week where you will count down the very days until next weekend?
I'm making a conscious effort to find more things to look forward to during the working week.
Here are a few suggestions!!

Monday night yoga
It might seem irrational to hit the gym when you've barely readjusted to Monday's light of day.  I've found that doing a yoga class on Monday nights puts me in a good mindset to take on the rest of the week and helps me ease into the working week.   It's worth a shot!!

"Tight-ass Tuesday" movie night
Tuesday is often my most hated of days... the excitement of the "How was your weekend" chatter on Monday has long faded, and it's far from Wednesday, dreaded hump day.  On the bright side, Tuesday night offers a fantastic variety of discounts, including cheap movie tickets.  Nothing beats a movie to help you to switch off and disconnect from stress...especially when you also have a giant bag of Maltesers with you!!

Lunch date with the girls (or wine and whine time as I like to call it!)
Even though your working schedule is probably hectic and if you're anything like me, lunch is probably eaten at your desk whilst powering through whatever report is overdue.
Making the time to book a catch up with some friends at a local cafe can make you feel a million times more refreshed and's a chance to laugh, vent and catch up....what better way is there to break up the working day?

Thursday night gig
In the inner west of Sydney, there are so many fantastic music venues popping up with free or cheaply priced tickets to see amazing bands and musicians.  Why not call up a couple of friends for a cocktail date to hear some music!  The Thursday night out symbolises to me the start of the weekend, and makes my Friday spirits far more positive.

Some of my favourite picks for inner west Sydney?
Miss Peaches - great bands, fried chicken and swing dancing...can't go wrong...
Lazy Bones Lounge - where else can you see a 12 piece jazz band in Marrickville for $10!?  They also do pizza and have a great selection of wine

What else helps you to get through the working week?  Is it a Wednesday night Thai cooking class you've joined?  The indoor soccer team you've joined?  Or is it tuesday night Pizza and wine at home? Any suggestions?

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