Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Help dramatically improve your children's behaviour through playing music or singing!!

A new study by Davies et al (2013) has shown that both singing or playing a musical instrument can dramatically improve children's behaviour.

The study compared two groups of four year old children.  The children were randomly allocated to one of two groups - a music group, where the children played percussion instruments and sang, and a story group - where children listened to a story. 

Following the activities, the children were measured on helpfulness and cooperation.

The children who played music, were 30 times more likely to be helpful, and 6 times more likely to cooperate, than the children who participated in the story activity.  

The results of this study support the prosocial benefits of music - playing an instrument or singing can be an easy and fun way to help young children behave better!!  More reason than ever to find fun ways to encourage kids to make music!!

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