Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Supercharge your life!!

Do you have big dreams but never seem to have the time to make a start on them? Are you stuck in a (somewhat comfortable) rut?

Looking to advance in your career, start your own business or develop a skill?

Follow these simple steps to get off the couch and start reaching for your goals.

 1) Set SMART goals, write them down and share them!! SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Oriented. Make your goals quantifiable and measurable, rather than general!!!
Important to questions to ask yourself include:
  • How will you measure when you've reached your goal?
  • Do you have the resources to achieve your goal? If not, what do you need? 
  • Are you starting with small steps that are achievable, or could you be setting yourself unrealistic expectations?
  • Have you thought about your values before setting your goals? A value is like a compass and can guide our behaviour - linking goals to values means you're more likely to stick to your goals  (click HERE for more information on values!)
  • How much time do I have to achieve my goal?  Be sure to set yourself a timeframe for completion, otherwise you may procrastinate or put it off.
Write your goals down and keep them somewhere visible, where you can see them every day so they can motivate you!!

Enlist support by sharing your goals with your friends, families and coworkers! You're more likely to stick to them if you have support and encouragement.

2)  Prioritise your time.  No matter who you are and what you do for a living, you're probably a busy person managing competing demands just like the rest of us.  Make time to focus on achieving your dreams.  It might seem like your schedule is full, but reflect on time wasted that you could possibly use to work on something more important - for example, do you watch TV for a few hours after work?  Could you get up half an hour earlier?   Stop making excuses and allocate some time towards meeting your goals, even if it's only a short time each day.
Just as importantly, make sure you continue to allocate leisure and relaxation time, and to make this clearly separate from work time - for example, I might work late or do a study session on any given weeknight, but for me, weekends are a work and study free zone!!

3)  Create an inspiring workspace that reflects your personality and what you're working towards.  Try and minimise distractions in your work area and create a clean, clutter free space.

4)  Think about what motivates you - is it your value of being financially stable or successful?  Or your desire to be creative in your work or work autonomously? What gets your creative juices flowing?  Is it exercise?  Music?  Travel?

5)  Use your strengths - and know when to seek help!  Start by listing your strengths and weaknesses, then considering what areas you may need to outsource, or to seek further development and training on. Do you need to find a business partner, web developer, personal trainer, consultant etc?  Do you need to learn about finance, marketing or seek further professional development in your field?

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