Friday, 21 November 2014

Weekly Roundup

Blog posts have been far and few over the past months!!  My apologies for my absence....this year so far I have managed to:

1)  Start a masters degree
2)  Sell an apartment
3)  Buy a townhouse
4)  Move house
5)  Have a baby

Not a bad effort if you don't mind me saying so!!  I promise now that I'm off work and adjusting to life with a newborn baby that the blog posts will resume, with more posts on psychology, life, recipes, fashion, design, music and all things wonderful - I may even throw in a few about motherhood and adjusting to life as a parent.  In the meantime, the festive season is fast approaching and I'll have some silly season posts coming soon.  

Here are some of my favourite links of the week - Happy Friday!!

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Four types of sleep schedules we all fit in to - which one are you!?

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