Monday, 21 April 2014

Morning sickness survival guide

Lets face it….morning sickness is a bitch!  In my naive mind, I think I may have underestimated the horrid effects this pregnancy business would have on my body.  

From about 5 weeks in, BAM - intense waves of nausea, and fatigue so bad I felt like I'd been hit by a bus… unfortunately I bear no resemblance to the calm and centred pregnant woman pictured below....instead I'm curled up in a foetal position with a bottle of sparkling water and a box of Jatz.

I figured my options were…
1)  Quit my job (sadly I can't afford this…)
2)  Stay in bed forever (this may not help my employment status, or the size of my ass…)
3)  Cry… (have tried this one, multiple times…didn't fix the problem)

Instead I've developed a few strategies to try and regain an attempt at semi-normal functioning…here's what helped me (and it certainly wasn't ginger tea)

1)  Pacing - accepting I can no longer do all the housework in one morning, or that I can't race from the gym to the shops to a friends house.
Try breaking up your usual tasks into smaller components - now instead of housework on Saturdays, I try and do a few small things after work, and split the big stuff over Saturday and Sunday….it's a pain, but it's doable…

2)  Naps, lots of naps - naps after work, naps on Saturday mornings, Naps on Sunday evenings, whenever the hell I can get one.  

3)  Replace gym routine with shorter and easier exercise - the thought of even driving to the gym makes me tired….let alone doing a Pump class…. hell, even a Yoga class!!  Instead, Im walking for 20 minutes each day…. it's not ideal, it's all I can do right now and it still has positive effects

4)  Eat crackers, all the time.  That is all

5)  Drink very cold water….not room temperature….I don't know why it's easier, but it sure as hell is.

6)  Say no more - I've been declining social invitations like crazy, but sometimes you need to say no and listen to your body!!

7)  Say yes sometimes…I do feel a bit better after a good catch up with a friend, even when I've felt like hell getting there

8)  Have a variety of foods to choose from.  One day you may like lemonade.  The next day you may hate lemonade.  You may like the idea of may now despise the idea of toast... have a variety of fruit, vegetables, crackers, bread, frozen meals and easy things you can choose from on hand.

Anyone else have any suggestions?  What has worked for you in the past?  

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